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Illegitimate Foal

Most of you have properly already seen the eye-catching tilting bottle from Antwerp, and some of you have perhaps also tasted the stud horse which maybe by itself has tasted a glass or two too much of our favorite liquid, hence the name ‘The Drunken Horse Gin’. Don’t know if today’s drink is an illegitimate foal conceive in a giant bender, but in that case it is vouchsafed to our favorite horse – as this is some of the best vermouth we’ve ever tasted in our horse trough. The outstanding vermouth is created as side line project between The Drunken Horse Gin and Jaume de Puntiró from Mallorca.

With one of the owners living in Mallorca, the Drunken Horse has started experimenting with the many beautiful products that this Balearic island has to offer. The first result is this ‘orange vermouth’ based on the Giro Ros grape. The grape is used to create an orange wine which has been combined with many botanicals from the Tramuntana mountains; like oranges and lemons from Sollér, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, salvia and wormwood. As the signature botanical from their Drunken Horse gin, then the Timut pepper was a obvious ingredient in this vermouth recipe as well. The little curious pepper from Himalaya with clear citrus note combining the recipe and making sure this vermouth creating the perfect moment when the Tramuntana meets the Himalaya.

We love to drink this ‘Vermut Con Timut’ neat, but if you need a modern direction in your Negroni, then you perhaps should take a look at this bastard foal of the Drunken Horse gin, and give the iconic Negroni an orange twist. Thanks The Drunken Horse team for the gin-tastings and the fantastic story telling at Copenhagen gin festival, and not at least a huge thanks to Pieter-Jan for showing us the the secret ‘vermut room’ inside your horse trailer.


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