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Where Gin Meets the Ocean

Tonight you can find us where gin meets the ocean – and who doesn’t dream of having the pleasure being at the Pacific Ocean coastline and absorbing it to the fullest. Truly, you can fulfilling this dream simply by serving ‘Gin Etsu Pacific Ocean Water’ in your glass.

With this limited edition, the coastline of Hokkaido has been captured. Both in the ingredients, but also in the bottle itself. The bottle is made of 100% recycled glass, which can be seen in the blue green color of the glass, representing the Pacific Ocean.

In this pacific gin, fresh botanicals such as juniper berries, bitter orange peel, yuzu, saltwood root, angelica and coriander are added to fresh spring water from the mountains, and seawater drawn from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. This creates a extremely unique gin, described as the ‘Japanese coastline in a bottle’.
The Pacific origin is clear with a fresh yet slightly salty and iodized expression. The flavor still has a unambiguous yuzu bitterness in the profile, but this is balanced by the delicate saltiness from the ocean water. The mouth feeling of the gin is smooth, silky and well rounded.
In the perfect Pacific GT, the salty- and bitterness from the gin calling for some sweetness that we’ve found in Dastonic Signature tonic water. Furthermore, the tonic water is adding some autumn feeling through the spice aromas which perfectly match the weather outside. The Pacific GT surface is garnished with a dried orange wheel.

As the use of the recycled glass, the bottles are not 100% perfect, and bubbles can form within the glass, as well as a rough ‘orange peel’ texture. This means that each bottle is slightly different, and each bottle is unique which is the perfect and symbolic match to this remarkable gin. Thanks Romain and rest of the BBC Spirits team for some inspiring talks and amazing servings at Bar Convent Berlin 2021.


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