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The Battle of Pichincha

Quito, the capital of Ecuador and the origin of today’s gin settles on the outskirts of the great volcano named Pichincha. On this mountain, you find an area called ‘Cruzloma’, the same area that has been witness to many geographical changes and historical moments of Ecuador.
On May 24, 1822, General Sucre’s southern military campaign in the Spanish–American War of independence came to a climax when his forces defeated the Spanish colonial army in this area. ‘The Battle of Pichincha’ secured the independence from Spain of the territories of present-day Ecuador, hence the gin is proudly named after Cruzloma.

Urkanqa Destileria is distilling Cruzloma Handcrafted Gin – using 15 natural botanicals of which only organic juniper and liquorice are imported. Rest of the botanicals such as sweet wood, orange, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon, lavender, coriander, cardamom, anise, fennel and allspice are careful selected on local markets. Furthermore, the recipe including two supreme botanicals, Guayusa and coca leaves – both used for centuries by the native indigenous cultures in the Andes and in the Amazon.
The combination of fruits, herbs, leaves, spices and flowers gives Cruzloma an unique, balanced and very smooth profile with delicate notes of spices and citrus fruits. Served neat the gin is very expressive in its appearance while the notes are registered by your senses as powerfully volcanic eruptions.
We’ve found a ideal partner for climbing this volcanic mountain in Green Grove Tonic Water. The tonic adding a complex yet delicate bouquet to our Volcanic GT, which doesn’t dominate rather enhances the botanical notes of the gin. Especially, the liquorice notes in the gin is blooming using this tonic. A dehydrated orange wheel is used as garnish.

There is not much more impressive than Mother Nature doing her thing. Adrian and Spirits-Americas, thanks you for showing us that by presenting the biodiversity of the Ecuadorian Amazon- in the shape of this volcanic Cruzluma gin.


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