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Slow ‘N’ Spicy

The calendar says weekend, so it’s time to slow down for a moment and enjoy life. We can’t find a more appropriate way to ease down than serving some well composed cocktails in our glasses.

With a little help from our friends – the Aarhus based distillery; Njord then we on this cold autumn evening have mixed ‘Slow ‘N’ Spicy’. This is the distillery’s new signature cocktail which is originated from their cocktail package concept.

· 5cl Distilled Slow Sloe
· 10cl Fatdane ginger soda with soda with lime and chili
· 1 tbsp Njord lemon cocktail pearls
Fill your glass with plenty of ice. Pour the Slow gin and the soda into the glass. Add one tablespoon of the delicious lemon cocktail pearls and stir carefully. Following garnish the top of the cocktail with some of the cocktail pearls. Enjoy.

Slow and spicy wins the race, but the fast and smooth way. Only few minutes after start this tasty autumn cocktail is beautifully served in your glass without messing around in your kitchen or home bar. Thanks Santa from the (Spirit of) Njord for this pre-Christmas gift, but since the bottles already are emptied then please put a new kit on my wishing list for Christmas, PLEASE.

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