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This afternoon, we’ve taken the seat on a boat deck viewing over the Ebro Delta with a generous gin serving in our hands. No just a gin, but a gin that concentrates all the biodiversity and botanical wealth of the delta in a balanced and harmonious manner. Driven by his obsession of this area, then the master distiller of Harbour gin has fused sea, salt, sand, port, boats, nets, sun and the delta together in his copper alembic to produce a unique flavour, and transmitting the essence of a life beside the water in his gin, that constantly will tell your taste buds returning to this point: 40°48’N 0°44’E.

’40°48’N HARBOUR’ is produced in a small batch size of 100L to better preserve the aromas and natural savour of the subtle and extraordinary plants, freshly picked and carefully hand selected in the area, and not at least to achieve a fresh flavour and an unique smoothness.
The gin has a subtle turquoise blue colour with hints of emerald green that reminisces the tones of the Mediterranean sea, elegant presenting the notes of fresh juniper delightful accompanied by lemon zest, orange peel, sea fennel, sea rocket, savory, glasswort, hints of balsamic thyme, lavender, plums and freshly picked olives, which will transport your senses to the area where this premium gin was born.

To enjoy a singular and unique GT with the Harbour Gin, neither complication nor excessive decoration or aromatic elements are necessary. The strong personality of gin is perfectly expressed the minimalistic way, where the quality of the products doesn’t need to be masked with excessive elements. The refined thirst-quenching dry bitter tonic from Imperdibile with pleasantly bitter notes that releases interesting and fresh citrus vibrations as incomparable taste experiences is used in our GT serving.

We’ve definitely let ourselves be carried away by this Mistral of a delicious gin with fresh and marine botanicals. Thanks Nicolai from ginput.dk for the serving and a wonderful day on this gin boat.

Déu n’hi do!

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