Friends of the House Gin


A huge W is the first visual impression meeting you when serving this gin. We’ve concluded, that the ‘W’ must be some kind of ginstruction manual, since using the correct pronunciation of this letter; ‘double you’ – then the interpretation of the W-guidance is clear that this gin only can be served as double shots. Sure my old high school teacher is becoming proud, as I finally have succeeded in cracking the code for use of abstract symbol interpretation.
But when even the gin’s instruction manual says so, then the guideline for sure must be followed. IT CAN ONLY BE A GREAT TEST DAY!

Wattshot is a distilled gin, flavoured with natural herb extracts. The unconditional main character is the cherry blossom. The cherry trees burst into a stunning cherry ocean of ​​flavours, that hide the juniper note underneath a solid carpet of cherry freshness and sweetness.
As the name indicates, then this is a gin-shot product. Wattshot will in this category appeal much broader than only to gin lovers due to the lovely fruitiness and sweetness, which further more is wrapped into a pleasing soft and silky expression. Including these characteristics, Wattshot definitely has the potential of being one of the main players in the growing drink-shot crowd.

The bitterness and floral notes from Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic water is the perfect blooming match for Wattshot – creating a very appetizing version of a flowerfull GT as a mental summer GeTaway in the current pre-winter season.

Thanks Wattshot for this interesting Sunday serving, both as shot but not forgetting as a high Watt gin bulb in our GT-lamp. Looking certainly forward for further experimenting of Wattshot as a cocktail ingredient -with all kinds of berries, where the potential of the sweetness really could be fulfilled.


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